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Commercial Synthetic Grass in Inland Empire

Green X Turf is your one-stop connection to synthetic grass for commercial use throughout Inland Empire. We offer wholesale artificial grass products and take the time to educate and guide business owners through the purchase, installation, and maintenance processes.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is selecting from a wide variety of artificial grasses available right through our local office. We take the time to source the best products because we want every customer to find exactly what they need. All of our grass products are of the highest quality, and we back every sale with a 15-year manufacturer warranty. Our labor is also backed by a 3-year guarantee.

Wholesale Artificial Grass Available on Demand

Are you ready to transform your commercial property with the installation of wholesale artificial grass? At Green X Turf, the goal is to provide durable products that look realistic at amazing prices. We want you to create a custom landscape design sure to impress employees, neighbors, and even competitors.

Our synthetic grass products are designed with a high-quality C6-C8 blade and backing system. They're weather resistant and low maintenance, so you won't spend a fortune paying landscapers and mowers to keep up appearances. Your grass will always look well-manicured while you enjoy more free time.

We're proud to offer one of the fastest draining synthetic systems available today. We also take pride in creating systems that offer adequate speed control and excellent ball bounce when used as a putting green.

Are you ready to give your commercial landscape a professional makeover? If so, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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